Wine Routes

Jujuy: EsenciAr Sustainable Ecotourism Diaguita Community Hornaditas and Omaguaca Ocumazo and Jujuy Wine Route

Day 1: Day 1: Arrival at San Salvador Jujuy Airport and transfer to Humahuaca, one of the most relevant tourism destinations in the province. The city of Humahuaca is located 3000 meters above sea level sorrounded by mountain chains with great beauty and is the gateway to the Puna. It is also the last important city in the region on the way to La Quiaca, the northernmost Argentine city. This town, just like the region, is named after their ancient inhabitants, the Omaguacas. Visitors can find services like restaurants, museums and street markets with crafts. At the main square is located the cathedral Our Lady of Candelaria. Another attraction is the Monument to the Heroes of Independence sculped by artist Ernesto Soto Avendaño to remember the northern citizens who fought in the war for Independence. Besides the Museum of Archeology and History located in the Town Hall building, you can also visit the Regional Folk Museum to learn more about culture and traditions of local people in the Puna. Arrival and accomodation at Munay Hotel or similar.

Day 2: Departure at 09.00 am to the Diaguita Community Hornaditas where Clarita and Héctor Lamas, our diaguita hosts, will welcome us. We´ll start our activities participating in the goat milking together with the owner of the flock. With that milk, we´ll make the cheese that we´ll share later for snack. We will also participate in the workshop to prepare the homemade bread dough which we will share at lunch. At mid-morning we will harvest the vegetables and prepare lunch together with the explanation from the family about each dish. During lunch we will learn more about the diaguita´s culture from our hosts, who will explain the meanings of the apachetas, the walks to the Salinas, the ceremonies and many other peculiarities of these ancestral communities. After lunch we will learn together the making a small fabric for a blanket with Llama thread, through a simple triangle loom guided by Doña Clarita.Later we will be taught to make a cream based on petroleum jelly with aromatic and medicinal plants in the area, participating in the activities of processing the plant and preparation of the cream. By the afternoon, we will share the snack with our goat cheese and the bread made by ourselves. Return to our hotel at around 6.00 pm: Munay Hotel or similar.

Day 3: After breakfast we´ll depart at 9.00 am for our visit to Dupont winery located 50 km away in Maimará town. This is the first winemaking entrepreneurship in Humahuaca. In the winery we´ll see the vineyards and the grapes with which the Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Maimará Rosé wines are produced. Our tour will include explanations on the production and storage processes and a tasting. Return to Humahuaca at around 4.00 pm. Accomodation at Hotel Munay or similar.

Day 4: Breakfast. Departure at 9.00 to the Omaguaca Ocumazo Community. At our arrival we will be welcome with traditional songs and greetings. Together, we´ll light the fire and collect the herbs at the garden to make an infusion while warming the bread in the wood oven. Later we´ll participate in a cooking workshop making our own lunch: Delicious regional food with fresh and natural ingredients collected from the “Chakras” (farmlands) After lunch, we´ll be part of a half-day workshop on agricultural activities: visit the ecological farms and the community family gardens where vegetables grow. Explanations on the sowing, irrigation, harvest and post-harvest procedures of Andean products. Depending on the season, you can participate in the harvest of potatoes, corn, beans and other vegetables such us carrots, zucchini etc. In some seasons, you could also participate on a quinoa washing workshop, seed selection and soil preparation.By the end of the day, will share a snack with homemade bread, jams and teas made with regional herbs. Return to Munay hotel in Humahuaca around 6.00 pm. Accomodation at Munay Hotel or similar.

Day 5: Breakfast. Transfer service to San Salvador de Jujuy. 

End of our services.