About us?

At Travel Pharma and EsenciAr, we are people like you who dream of changing de the world. We started to think like Human Beings, the change we dream of. We have international certifications and we are commited to the Citizen Manifesto for the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

Travel Pharma: we design customized travels. We are tailors and artisans of good travel.Whether it is about business or leisure trips, we have the same commitment: to provide a unique experience designed exclusively for you.

EsenciAr Program: We have created a sustainable tourism program to promote the integral development of indigenous peoples and rural communities. We organize days of cultural exchange where visitors can join to live a day in the community. We value the territory, we develop craft workshops, we till the land, we learn about reforestation, we enjoy the local typical gastronomy and oenology of the regions. We work together with each community in the comprehensive organization and design of experiences, generating and increasing their income with dignity, preserving and making their identity and culture to be known, caring about the environment and promoting consumption of quality organic food, while working to reach gender equality and opportunities. We currently work with more than 15 communities across the country in line with SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 17.

Our targets are: economical empower, prevent the migration of young people, eradicate tourism based on sexual abuse and human trafficking, cooperate on the organization of communities, advise and develop small projects for artisan women, promote children schooling, training on dealing with tourists and providing them quality services, inclusion of each community in the global economic system as an agent to spread their culture as well as the generation of sustainable resources.

Gender Perspective Policy, Inclusion, No Discrimination:

Our company is certified by We Connect International as a Women Owned company. It achieved the Woman Company Seal granted by the Buenos Aires City Government, Argentina. It supports the UN Women WEPs commitment and has completed the design of its Action Plan to achieve the 7 principles of female empowerment. We are committed to policies regarding these matters, including supplier hiring guides, staff selection, no-bullying, no-violence and no-discrimination protocols. Cuenta con el Sello Empresa Mujer otorgado por el Gobierno de la Cuidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Está adherida al compromiso WEPs de ONU Mujeres y ha terminado el diseño de su Plan de Acción en pos de lograr los 7 principios de empoderamiento femenino. Contamos con políticas comprometidas en este sentido incluyendo guías de contratación de proveedores, de selección de personal, protocolos antiacoso, antiviolencia y anti discriminación.



Create an unique and original experiences of cultural improvement.


Join different cultures with respect for each identity. Keep ancestral and rural traditions alive. Provide sustainable and sustainable tools for the integral socio-cultural development of our communities.

Our values

Respect for each member that is part of the experience.

Diversity of options for each visitor.

Inclusion of all the native and rural communities that want it.

Quality looking for the highest possible excellence.

Passion in all the things we undertake.

Collaboration to enhance collective talent.

Empathy to be understanding with all our brothers.

Be transparent.