La Rioja: EsenciAr Sustainable Ecotourism Diaguita Community Kakan

Enjoy a different view of La Rioja from a diaguita vision and sharing with this community the love for their identity.

Day 1: We´ll meet our tour guide who he is also the ruler of the Chumbillas Community at 9.00 am at Naindo Park Hotel in La Rioja City to start our tour in town. Upon our arrival at the community, we´ll share breakfast: milk with carob and cornmeal with flour of chañar with dulce de leche. We´ll thank Pachamama (Mother Earth) for this new day. After breakfast: presentation of the community and participation in an experiential pottery workshop. Then we will visit the center of La Rioja with a description of the ancestral vision of the place and development of the grids. We´ll visit Inca Huasi Museum and have an explanation of the pieces of the culture shown there. Finally we will have lunch with typical ancestral meals. By the end of this experience around 06.00 pm, we´ll return to Naindo Park Hotel.

End of our services.