Santiago del Estero: EsenciAr Sustainable Ecotourism Rural Community and Nature Reserve Pozo del Arbolito, Termas de Río Hondo

Near the rejuvenating hot springs you will live a day of incredible experiences with this community.

Departure at 09.00 am from Amerian Carlos V Hotel, Termas de Rio Hondo to the community. Upon our arrival, we´ll be welcome by Nelida Albornoz and her team while we enjoy breakfast with herbal teas, homemade bread and jams or honey and an exhibition of crafts made by them. After breakfast, tour around the community: We´ll visit the families´houses and Alicia Molina´s vegetable plot. In the nature reserve, we will walk two interpretive paths lasting approximately 40 minutes. Gastronomy workshop: In the reserve, we´ll collect the firewood, vegetables and the aromatic herbs to make lunch. Starter: 2 empanadas. Main Course: Chicken rice. In witner: locro or stew. Homemade bread and a drink (you may choose between mineral water or juices). Dessert: goat cheese with arrope or pumpkin sweet. After lunch we´ll enjoy a class in which we´ll learn about the ways to make different baked (options: empanadillas, homemade bread, honey bread, pastafrola cake with carob flour). We´ll finish our visit at Antonia Molina´s house, a family with artisan tradition, participating in a workshop to make handicrafts woven with palm leaves and we will take our piece as a souvenir of this beautiful moment shared. Return to Termas de Rio Hondo at around 6.00 pm to Amerian Carlos V hotel.

End of our services.