Wine Routes

Catamarca: EsenciAr Sustainable Ecotourism Diaguita Community, Londres, Belen, Morteritos with Shincal and Catamarca Wine Route

Day 1: Arrival at San Fernando Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, transfer to Amerian Catamarca Park Hotel or similar.

Day 2: Breakfast at hotel. Departure at 9.00 to Londres, the first city founded by the Spanish conquerors in the province. At our arrival, we´ll have lunch with Jesus Rodriguez and his family. After lunch, we´ll live the experience of weaving in loom and they will teach us their ancestral Diaguita´s techniques. We´ll continue to the beautiful town of Belen. Arrival at our hotel and check-in and accomodation. A visit to Belen is unforgettable, to experience the warmth and hospitality of its people is simply unmatched. Arrival time: around 7.00 pm. Accomodation at Hotel Belen or similar.

Day 3: Breakfast at hotel. Departure at 9.00 am from Belen to the southernmost capital of the Inca Empire: Shincal. Declared National Historic Monument in 1997, the place had an important activity and the highest authority was a Curaca, a rank of hierarchy among the rulers. This is a stone monument which has guarded part of the history of our aboriginal people. The archaelogogists acknowledged Shincal as the Guamani (capital of province) of Twantinsuyo (name given to an Inca Province or State) between years 1380 A.D. and 1600 A.D. It has a surface of 23 hectares, populated by more than a hundred of buildings made of stone and mud. Lunch at Shincal. After lunch, we´ll continue our journey and go to Pascuala´s home who will warmly welcome and teach us the ancestral pottery techniques and we´ll participate in an experiential workshop to make ceramic pieces. Return to Belen around 7.00 pm. Accomodation: Hotel Belen or similar.

Day 4: Breakfast at hotel. Departure at 9.00 am to Diaguita Community “Villa Vil Morteritos” in the Hualfin Valley, Catamarca. Upon our arrival, we´ll make a tour to the Caves, ancestral shelter of the Diaguita culture which are located by the river at around 2750 m a.s.l. Later on, we´ll go to Tomasa Pereyra´s home, a diaguita family, to enjoy with them pleasant conversations and delicious typical food. We´ll also learn not only about their gastronomy but also about their traditions by participating in the making of home-made bread. After lunch, return to Belen. Arrival at around 8.00 pm. Accomodation: Hotel Belen or similar.

Day 5: After our breakfast we´ll depart to Tinogasta which has been inhabited by pre-ceramic indigenous groups for at least 8000 years B.C. In this beautiful place, we are going to visit Finca La Gloria winery where we´ll walk around the vineyard, know its varietals and ways of elaboration and storage. We will participate in a varietal tasting with cold cuts. Transfer to our hotel in Tinogasta. Accomodation at Hotel Casa Grande or similar.

Day 6: Breakfast. Departure to San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. Accomodation at Amerian Catamarca Park Hotel or similar. Afternoon free.

Day 7: Breakfast. Transfer service to the airport.